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NFL Draft Traded Picks

NFL Traded Picks 2016
April 26, 2016

Deadline to designate Franchise and Transitional Players – March 7, 2016
NFL 2016 Trade Period begins – March 9, 2016 - Deadline ends – first week of Nov. 2016

NFL teams can trade compensatory draft choices for the first time. The league’s Competition Committee recommended that compensatory picks be tradeable. Compensatory picks are awarded to teams that lost more unrestricted veteran free agents than they signed the previous off-season and come at the end of each round. Each year there are 32 compensatory selections added to the original 224 overall choices minus any forfeited selections. This year the Patriots forfeit their #1 choice due to the notorious Deflate gate violation.

NFL 2016 Traded Draft Choices
1st Round

#1 Los Angeles (from Tennessee)
# 2 Philadelphia (from Cleveland)
# 8 Cleveland (from Miami thru Philadelphia)
# 13 Miami (from Philadelphia)
# 15 Tennessee (from Los Angeles)
New England - forfeits selection 'Deflategate' violation

Second Round
#43 Tennessee (from Philadelphia thru LA)
#45 Tennessee (from LA)
#61 New England (from Arizona)

Third Round
#76 Tennessee (from Los Angeles)
# 77 Cleveland (from Detroit thru Philadelphia)

Fourth Round
# 100 Cleveland (from Tennessee thru Philadelphia)
# 113 Los Angeles (from Philadelphia thru Tennessee)
# 127 Chicago (from New England)
# 130 Baltimore (from Denver - Gino Gradkowski)

Fifth Round
142 San Francisco (from San Diego - 2015 draft day trade)
143 Oakland (from Dallas - WR Brice Butler)
144 Denver (from Baltimore - OL Gino Gradkowski)
157 Denver (NY Jets - OT Ryan Clady )
162 Kansas City (from Seattle - S Kelcie McCray)
164 Philadelphia (from Pittsburgh - CB Brandon Boykin)
166 Houston (from New England - WR Keshawn Martin)
169 Detroit (from Denver - 2015 draft day trade)
Atlanta forfeits pick because of crowd noise penalty
Los Angeles forfeits pick - OT Isaiah Battle - NFL Supplemental Draft 2015

Sixth Round
177 Los Angeles (from Tennessee)
178 San Francisco (from Dallas - 2015 draft day trade))
180 Minnesota (from San Francisco - plus C Nick Easton - LB Gerald Hodges)
187 Washington (from New Orleans - 2015 draft day trade)
189 Dallas (from Oakland - WR Brice Butler)
193 Tennessee (from Atlanta - OG Andre Levitre))
194 Oakland (from Indianapolis - OLB Sio Moore)
195 Houston (from NY Jets - QB Ryan Fitzpatrick)
196 Houston (New England - WR Keshawn Martin)
197 Tampa Bay (Washington - S Dashon Goldson)
198 San Diego (from Minnesota - OT Jeremiah Sirles)
201 Jacksonville (from Pittsburgh - PK Josh Scobee)
202 Detroit (from Seattle - CB Mohammed Seisay)
206 Chicago (from Carolina - DE Jared Allen)
207 San Francisco (from Denver - TE Vernon Davis)

Seventh Round
225 Seattle (from Dallas - RB Christine Michael)
227 Miami (from Baltimore - CB Will Davis)
228 Denver (from San Francisco - - TE Vernon Davis)
229 Pittsburgh (from NY Giants - P Brad Wing)
232 Washington (from Tampa Bay - S Dashon Goldson)
235 Denver (from LA via Houston - QB Case Keenum/ OT Chris Clark)
240 Minnesota (from Buffalo - QB Matt Cassel)
243 New England (from Houston - QB Ryan Mallett)
251 Philadelphia (from Arizona)

2017 NFL Draft
First Round
Tennessee from Los Angeles #1 pick (2016 draft trade)
Cleveland from Philadelphia #1 pick (2016 draft trade)

Second Round
New England forfeits #4 pick (‘deflategate’)

Third Round
Tennessee from Los Angeles (2016 draft trade)
Cleveland from Philadelphia (2016 draft trade)

Fourth Round
Philadelphia from Cleveland (2016 draft trade)
New England forfeits #4 pick (‘deflategate’)

Fifth Round
Buffalo from Dallas (QB Matt Cassel)

Sixth Round
Houston has a #6 from Chicago (TE Khari Lee)
San Fran from Denver (TE Vernon Davis)

Seventh Round
San Francisco from Cleveland (P Andy Lee)
Detroit from New England (OT/TE Michael Williams)
Dallas from Buffalo (QB Matt Cassel)

Seattle - undisclosed late round pick from Carolina (WR Kevin Norwood)
Tennessee - conditional pick from Atlanta (OG Andre Levitre)
Philadelphia - conditional pick from Denver (QB Mark Sanchez)

2018 NFL Draft
Seventh round
St. Louis - conditional from Baltimore (WR Chris Givens/could move to 2017 depending on production

New Orleans - conditional late round pick from New England (WR Jalen Saunders)