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Tight Ends Tyler Eifert, Chris Gragg & Vance McDonald Impress in NFL Combine Workout

Tight End Class Shines at NFL Combine

Photo - TE Tyler Eifert - Notre Dame

40-Yard Dash Results - Tight Ends
Chris Gragg, Arkansas, 4.50
Matt Furstenburg, Maryland, 4.62
Jake Stoneburner, Ohio St., 4.65
Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame, 4.68
Vance McDonald, Rice, 4.69
Nick Kasa, Colorado, 4.71
Jordan Reed, Florida, 4.72
Dion Sims, Michigan St., 4.75
Zach Ertz, Stanford, 4.76
Mychal Rivera, Tennessee, 4.81
Gavin Escobar, San Diego St., 4.84
Levine Toilolo, Stanford, 4.86
Justice Cunningham, South Carolina, 4.94
Philip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn, 4.94
Chris Pantale, Boston College, 4.99

Vertical Jump Results - Tight Ends
Chris Gragg, Arkansas, 37.5
Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame, 35.5
Matt Furstenburg, Maryland, 35.5
Dion Sims, Michigan State, 35.0
Jake Stoneburner, Ohio St., 34.5
Chris Pantale, Boston College, 33.5
Vance McDonald, Rice, 33.5
Gavin Escobar, San Diego St., 32.0
Justice Cunningham, South Carolina, 31.5
Nick Kasa, Colorado, 31.5
Levine Toilolo, Stanford, 31.0
Mychal Rivera, Tennessee, 31.0
Philip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn, 30.5
Zach Ertz, Stanford, 30.5

Broad Jump Results - Tight Ends
Chris Gragg, Arkansas, 125.0
Vance McDonald, Rice, 119.0
Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame, 119.0
Justice Cunningham, South Carolina, 116.0
Jake Stoneburner, Ohio St., 116.0
Matt Furstenburg, Maryland, 115.0
Gavin Escobar, San Diego St., 114.0
Levine Toilolo, Stanford, 113.0
Nick Kasa, Colorado, 113.0
Philip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn, 112.0
Mychal Rivera, Tennessee, 112.0
Dion Sims, Michigan State, 112.0
Zach Ertz, Stanford, 111.0
Chris Pantale, Boston College, 110.0

3-Cone Drill Results - Tight Ends
Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame, 6.92
Gavin Escobar, San Diego St., 7.07
Zach Ertz, Stanford, 7.08
Chris Gragg, Arkansas, 7.08
Vance McDonald, Rice, 7.08
Matt Furstenburg, Maryland, 7.09
Levine Toilolo, Stanford, 7.09
Matt Furstenburg, Maryland, 7.09
Justice Cunningham, South Carolina, 7.12
Jake Stoneburner, Ohio St., 71.2
Philip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn, 71.5
Mychal Rivera, Tennessee, 7.17
Dion Sims, Michigan State, 7.36
Chris Pantale, Boston College, 7.48

Bench Press Results - Tight Ends
Vance McDonald, Rice, 31
Zach Ertz, Stanford, 24
Nick Kasa, Colorado, 22
Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame, 22
Dion Sims, Michigan State, 22
Philip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn, 21
Matt Furstenburg, Maryland, 18
Jake Stoneburner, Ohio St., 18
Chris Gragg, Arkansas, 18
Joseph Fauria, UCLA, 17
Chris Pantale, Boston College, 17
Levine Toilolo, Stanford, 17
Mychal Rivera, Tennessee, 17
Jordan Reed, Florida, 16
D.C. Jefferson, Rutgers 3

Frank Coyle is a long time member of the FWAA and voter in College player awards - Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Lombardi, Thorpe etc for the past 20 years. He writes College Football Mondays weekly during the season. He is a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He does regular sports radio shows for CBS, ESPN, Fox Sports and Sporting News on a year round basis related to College and NFL Football especially during the postseason team and All-star Bowl time. He has worked for CBS Sports and appeared on several CBS TV shows. He has worked for NBC Sports, Yahoo and Rivals sports publications and web sites over the past twenty years. He has been a player consultant for numerous player agents and has helped formulate their off and post season training programs related to the NFL Draft and Free Agency.