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NFL Power Rankings – Week 3 - Texans on Top

NFL Power Rankings - 2013 Season
NFL Power Rankings - Week 3 - Frank Coyle

Photo - QB Peyton Manning - Broncos

Offensive Player of the Week - QB Peyton Manning - Broncos
Defensive Player of the Year - DE Osi Umenyiora - Falcons
Offensive Rookie of the Week - QB E.J. Manuel - Bills
Defensive Rookie of the Year - LB - Kinko Alonso - Bills

Rank / Team / Record

1. Houston Texans (2-0)
Texans look focused this year and have a mature group overall.

2. Seattle Seahawks (2-0)
The Seahawks are off to a fast start on defense, but may have some key offensive limitations.

3. Denver Broncos (2-0)
Peyton Manning has this offense cranking that may minimize critical defensive shortcomings over the season.

4. New Orleans Saints (2-0)
The Saints are looking for revenge this season and should outclass the NFC South.

5. New England Patriots (2-0)
The Brady Bunch will probably walk in this weak East division.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1)
The Bengals are ready to take command of the AFC North this fall.

7. San Francisco 49ers (1-1)
The 49ers can play with anyone when they are right.

8. Atlanta Falcons (1-1)
Falcons need their rebuilt defense to make a difference weekly.

9. Baltimore Ravens (1-1)
The Ravens’ offense is off to a slow start and have a banged up Ray Rice.

10. Green Bay Packers (1-1)
Packers’ triggerman Aaron Rodgers will have to win shootouts with this marginal defense.

11. Miami Dolphins (2-0)
The Dolphins are hungry and look to press the Patriots for the AFC East title.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)
The Chiefs young defense gives club one of the best units in the AFC and an emerging contender.

13. Chicago Bears (2-0)
The Bears are off to a quick start and now go on the road for key games at Pittsburgh and Detroit.

14. Indianapolis Colts (1-1)
Colts hope the addition of Trent Richardson gives this attack a punch.

15. Dallas Cowboys (1-1)
Cowboys continue to look mediocre overall and average on defense.

16. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)
Eagles face a critical matchup with the Chiefs this week.

17. New York Giants (0-2)
The Giants gave two games away and need to regroup quickly to get into contention.

18. San Diego Chargers (1-1)
Chargers are hoping to surprise in the wideopen AFC West.

19 Washington Redskins (0-2)
Hold those RG3 Hall of Fame nominations. The Skins look terrible.

20. Arizona Cardinals (1-1)
Cards face a pivotal contest with the Saints in the Big Easy.

21. Detroit Lions (1-1)
Lions may be the class of the NFC North, but they must stay healthy and play better defense.

22. Tennessee Titans (1-1)
The Titans need QB Jake Locker to step up to compete in the average AFC South.

23. St. Louis Rams (1-1)
The Rams are still trying to claim an identity under Jeff Fisher.

24. Minnesota Vikings (0-2)
Vikings are still inconsistent and may struggle to compete for contention.

25. Buffalo Bills (1-1)
The Bills are starting another rebuilding process this season.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-2)
Steelers will struggle to approach a .500 record this season.

27. Carolina Panthers (0-2)
Panthers may not be able to take advantage of a weak schedule.

28. Tampa Bay Bucs (0-2)
It could get ugly in Tampa this season with a possible big turnover when complete.

29. Cleveland Browns (0-2)
The Browns are loading the cannon for the NFL Draft 2014 after the trade of Trent Richardson for another #1 pick.

30. New York Jets (1-1)
The Jets face a key AFC East contest with the Bills that may be a pivotal game for young offense.

31. Oakland Raiders (1-1)
The Raiders face a critical AFC West matchup when they travel to Denver this weekend.

32 .Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)
The Jaguars walk into the buzzsaw at Seattle this week.