NFL 2018 Scouting Combine

NFL 2018 Scouting Combine

The best college football players are invited to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year 326 players will show up for extensive testing over a week as a critical part of the scouting progress for the NFL Draft. Top Executives, Coaching Staffs, Player Personnel Departments and Medical Personnel from all 32 NFL teams will be on hand to evaluate the nation’s top college football players eligible for the upcoming NFL Draft. This intense, four-day job interview is an exciting time for the athletes and a vital step in achieving their dreams of playing in the NFL.

The NFL Scouting Combine will be held February 27 – March 5, 2018

 With increasing interest in the NFL draft, the scouting combine has grown in scope and significance, allowing personnel directors to evaluate upcoming prospects in a standardized setting. Its origins have evolved from the National, BLESTO and Quadra Scouting organizations in 1977 to the media event it has become today.

The NFL Combine 2018 features the national champion Alabama who has the biggest group with 14 players invited. They are followed by Ohio St (11), Georgia and LSU (10), Florida St and Miami (9) with Penn St (8), Washington (7) and Texas (6) and  Oklahoma (6) each. On average, there are 110 NFL Combine players who will go undrafted while on average, 35 non-invited NFL Combine players will be drafted in April.

Athletes attend by invitation only. Implications of an athlete’s performance during the combine can affect their draft status and salary, and ultimately their career. The draft has popularized the term “workout warrior”, whereby an athlete’s “draft stock” is increased based on superior measurable qualities such as size, speed, and strength, despite having an average or sub-par college career.

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