NFL Draft – Top Ten QB Dilemma – Draft Insiders’ Scouting Reports, Darnold, Rosen, Allen & Mayfield

NFL Draft 2018 – Top Ten Quarterback Dilemma
Scouting Reports, Darnold, Rosen, Allen and Mayfield

    Frank Coyle – Head Scout/ Publisher

Quarterbacks Grade: A

       Positional Overview:
This year’s QB class is one of the most talented groups to enter the NFL Draft in years. The top four prospects are expected to be selected by the early 1st round and probably the top ten selections. This class can rival the great 2004 class of Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. There could be as many as 10+ NFL starters in time. The top four overall prospects, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield are expected to go in the top 6-12 overall selections. Baker Mayfield is a rising prospect and carries an early 1st round grade as the most NFL ready prospect in the class. Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph could come off the board in the first round, though the latter part. Both carry starting grades and should be selection in the top 40 prospects. Jackson has fallen off concerns about his game translating to the NFL with certain justification. He has a rare athletic skill set that a patient club can benefit from immensely if they give him the critical time to settle into their system. Mike White and Kyle Lauletta carry starting NFL grades, though both need time to settle into the pro game. Both White and Lauletta were impressive at the Senior Bowl. Lauletta is rising up the charts off a developed skill set and the vital intangibles. Unheralded QBs, Chase Litton of Marshall and Brandon Silvers of Troy have NFL starting grades to take the huge step up to the pro game. This class features a few developmental types like Tanner Lee, J.T. Barrett, Chris Streveler and Logan Woodside who need to be in situations to learn a system and settle into a pro offense. This is a strong group with as many as 12-15 prospects chosen over the three-day event.

    Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Lamar Jackson
Best Arm – Josh Allen
Most Accurate – Baker Mayfield
Best Mechanics – Josh Rosen
Best Runner – Lamar Jackson
Best Leader – Baker Mayfield
Best Intangibles – Sam Darnold
Best Decisions – Baker Mayfield
Most Developed – Baker Mayfield

       NFL Premier Player
 Aaron Rodgers/Tom Brady
Blue Chip – Sam Darnold
Blue Chip – Josh Rosen
Rising – Baker Mayfield
Falling – Lamar Jackson
Underrated – Mike White
Overrated – Luke Falk
Sleeper – Brandon Silvers
Boom/Bust – Josh Allen
Longterm Gem – Chase Litton
Overdrafted – Kyle Lauletta

    Top QB Prospects 
1 * Sam Darnold – USC
2 * Josh Rosen – UCLA            
3 * Josh Allen – Wyoming        
4 Baker Mayfield – Oklahoma
5 * Lamar Jackson – Louisville
6 Mason Rudolph – Oklahoma St
7 Mike White – Western Kentucky
8 Kyle Lauletta – Richmond     
9 Luke Falk – Washington St   
10 Kurt Benkert – Virginia       

Scouting Reports – Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield

1 * Sam Darnold #14 Southern California 6-3 220 – Sp. 4.75
      Hindu Theory: Matt Stafford                        Rating 94
Gritty talented redshirt sophomore led the Trojans to postseason appearances during his two seasons. Strong agile athlete with very good arm and quick footwork plus the intangibles to become a top-flight NFL starter. Despite a short resume and some erratic performances, he developed quickly and shows a well-rounded skill set to make the jump to the NFL. Natural physical traits coveted in an elite NFL passer, though not completely developed currently. He has fine intangibles with a blue-collar mentality. Despite his age (21 years old this summer), he shows excellent poise, anticipation, toughness, vision, leadership and competitive desire. Displays the complete physical and mental package with excellent production at a very high-level vs Pac-12 talent. Shows a tight compact delivery and capable of firing strikes from the pocket or on the move. Very good footwork to move in the pocket and create passing lanes and keep plays alive. Developing the experience to go through his check downs faster and finding secondary receivers. Attempted to do too much early in the 2017 season with an average supporting cast. Needs to learn to throw the ball away to live to play another down than forcing the ball into heavy coverage. Slides well in the pocket and can evade pressure well, reset his feet and plant to make a big throw. Maintains his vision down field very well looking for receivers to make their second move. Operated under center, but also spent time from the gun and needs work on his drop back and setting his feet while reading coverage. Shows the smarts and discipline to be a quick study, though must learn to make sound decisions with the ball. Displays the ability to deliver very accurate short and intermediate passes, as well as tossing strikes down the alleys. Possesses fine touch on deep passes as well as inside the red zone. Impressive ability to improvise and make adjustments to game situations. Displays incredible vision and awareness to see the entire field. Makes clutch throws with the game on the line. Shows a quick release and possesses very good arm strength. At times, he can stare down his primary target and telegraph his throws. When under pressure, he will make off-balance throws which has led to turnovers. He shows good ball handling with the ability to fake and draw defenders into false reads.
The Numbers: As a sophomore, he started all 14 games, leading USC to a 11-3 record. Completed 303 of 480 passes for 4143 yards with 26 TDs and 13 interceptions while earning 1st team Pac-12 honors. As a freshman, he played in 13 games and completed 246 of 366 passes for 3086 yards for 31 TDs and 9 interceptions. Over his career, he started only 23 games and threw for 7229 yards with 57 TD passes and 22 interceptions. He rushed for 7 TDs. His career finale in their loss to Ohio St in the Cotton Bowl he threw a pick six and had two fumbles. At the NFL Combine, he came in over 6’3” and 221 lbs. with 9 3/8” hands and 31” arms. He ran a 4.67 time with a 26.5” VJ and an 8’9” BJ and added a 4.40 shuttle and 6.96 three cone. Did not participate in the passing drills. At his pro day, he displayed good velocity, timing and accuracy. He helped his cause with a strong performance. Very similar to Lions’ Matt Stafford in body size, arm strength, delivery and overall temperament and AA.
The Skinny: Gifted sophomore makes all the throws. Fast improving talent with only two seasons starting experience vs NFL caliber defenders. Competitor takes command and displays very good football IQ and capable of making a difference in crunch time. Athletic strong frame and size to hold up to the physical demands of the game. Shows the toughness and defense recognition to continue to develop as a winning starter. Needs to sit and settle into a system for a short time especially recognizing coverage and going through his progressions. One of the QB gems in recent years and intriguing raw prospect with huge upside potential to develop into a Pro Bowl performer. Talented blue-chip prospect with the Browns looking to land in the top selection.
Draft Projection: 1st Round – Top overall pick

2 * Josh Rosen #3 UCLA 6-4 225 – Sp. 4.85
      Hindu Theory: Matt Ryan            Rating 92
Well-rounded smooth true junior led the Bruins for the past three seasons, displaying blue chip skills for the position. During his true freshman season, he earned All-American honors when he set UCLA freshman records for passing yards (3668) on 60% completion rate with 23 passing TDs with 11 interceptions. He has all the natural physical traits one seeks for an NFL starting QB – good size and overall athleticism with a fine strong arm and pocket awareness. His intangibles include poise, anticipation, toughness, vision, leadership and competitive desire. Shows the complete physical and mental package with excellent production at a very high level. Displays good footwork to set up and shows a crisp compact delivery with smooth release and capable of firing strikes with fine touch and timing. Quick footwork to move in the pocket and create passing lanes with the instincts to go through his check downs fast and find secondary receivers. Can evade pressure well, reset his feet and plant to make a big throw. Operated mainly from the gun and needs work on his drop back and setting his feet while reading coverage. Shows the smarts and discipline to be a quick study. Usually makes sound decisions with the ball, by displaying the ability to deliver very accurate short and intermediate passes, as well as tossing strikes down the alleys. Possesses fine touch on deep passes as well as inside the red zone. His polished throwing mechanics is the best in this class and ranks among the best in the past two decades. Consistently impresses with his ability to make adjustments and rally his unit, making clutch throws with the game on the line. Possesses good, not exceptional arm strength, though shows the touch to hit receivers in stride consistently to make plays. At times, shows a tendency to focus too long on his primary target and needs to progress to his other options quicker when under pressure. Occasionally, he will backpedal and make off-balance throws, rather than stepping into them. He shows good ball handling and security in general with quick decisions. He needs work on his basic footwork and his follow through while showing more pocket presence.
The Numbers: As a true junior, he started 11 games and had 283 completions of 452 passes for 3756 yards with 26 TDs and 10 interceptions, earning 2nd team Pac-12 honors. As a sophomore, he started 6 games and completed 59% of his passes for 1915 yards with 10 TDs and 5 interceptions. Over his career, he played in 30 games with 9339 passing yards for a 61% with 59 TDs and 26 interceptions. At the NFL Combine, he came in at 6’4” and 229 lbs. with 9 7/8” hands and 31 3/4” arms. He ran a 4.92 time with a 31” VJ and a 9’3” BJ and added a 4.28 shuttle and 7.09 three cone. In the passing drills, he displayed good velocity, timing and accuracy. He helped his cause with a strong performance. He will be compared to Matt Ryan and is similar in size, delivery and overall AA development. Also similar to Tony Romo in body type, accuracy and arm strength.
The Skinny: Talented quick throwing junior makes all the throws. Competitor takes command and displays very good football IQ and capable of making a difference with the game on the line. Athletic lean frame needs to add muscle to hold up to the physical demands of the game. Shows good defensive recognition to go through his progressions and find secondary receivers. Graded out high in the talented Pac-12 with three seasons starting experience vs NFL caliber defenders. Despite average supporting cast, he had excellent production. Two concussions and a shoulder injury leave pressing durability issues. Type can change a franchise, though needs some maturity as an athlete and person. Interesting prospect with the upside potential to develop quickly and start early. True blue chip QB prospect with the Jets, Browns, Bills and Broncos hoping to land in the top selections.
Draft Projection: 1st Round – Top 3 pick

3 * Josh Allen #17 Wyoming 6-5 235 – Sp. 4.75
       Hindu Theory Ben Roethlisberger        Rating 90
Big strong-armed junior led the Cowboys to back to back postseason bowl games over his two starting seasons. Huge athletic frame with quick feet and the best arm in this class have elevated him to a potential top selection. One-year JC transfer and lightly recruited out of HS. Very raw despite the complete athletic skill sets desired for the position. Continued to improve over his career, taking huge steps with impressive performances at both the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine. Productive and athletic with the mental makeup to take the huge step up from a non-power five conference. Naturally strong arm with the ability to drive the ball into windows, though accuracy is a huge issue. He can drop the ball in the bucket on the deep throws when given time. Very good athleticism to run away from defenders even defensive backs. Skilled at fighting off defenders and evading pressure while keeping his eyes downfield. Long quick release that needs work and displays erratic accuracy that demands further time developing whether in the pocket or on the move. Huge powerful arm to make the tough out throws while also displaying a nice touch for lofting passes over defenders down the seam, or to backs and receivers on quick swing or outlet passes. Throws the out and deep ball outside the hashes as well as any QB since Cam Newton. His scrambling ability puts pressure on defenses and shows a legitimate threat for big plays whether by throwing or running. His basic skills such as taking the snap from under center and scanning downfield while dropping back are things where he is still in the developmental stage. Needs to learn to go through his progressions better and avoid locking on to his primary receiver. Dependent on his first read that can turn into mistakes. Savvy mobile athlete with a fine arm to make all the NFL throws with a fairly quick delivery for a long-armed prospect. High release point to avoid deflections, though his footwork needs extensive work on dropping, setup and follow through that will have a huge bearing on his accuracy improvement. Shows good awareness of coverage, but must look off defenders better and find the hot receiver. Learning how to lead a receiver with the right amount of touch on the ball and when to muscle the throw. Shows the speed to make plays outside the pocket with his feet with a big sturdy frame to hold up within the pocket or fighting off linemen. He has developed fine intangibles related to toughness, leadership and poise under pressure in clutch situations with a blue-collar approach after having to prove himself at each level.
The Numbers: As a junior, he started 11 games missing time due to a shoulder injury. For the season, he completed 152 of 270 passes for a 56% rate for 1812 yards with 16 TDs and just 6 picks that earned him MWC honorable mention. Went 1-3 vs Power 5 conference clubs with 1 TD and 8 interceptions. Won Senior Bowl MVP award with 2 TD passes during 2nd half comeback. As a sophomore, he started all 14 games and completed 209 passes of 373 attempts for a 56% rate for 3203 yards with 28 TDs and 15 picks, earning 2nd team MWC honors. Over his career, he threw for 5066 yards for a 56% rate with 44 TDs and 21 picks. He is similar to QB Ben Roethlisberger in raw skills set – size, mobility, arm strength and AA. Lacks a high level of development and little experience in a pro-style offense. Good intangibles. At the NFL Combine, he came at 6’5” and 237 lbs. with 10 1/8” hands and 33 1/4” arms. He ran a fine 4.75 time and added a 33.5” VL and 9’11” BJ with a 4.40 shuttle and an impressive 6.90 three cone times. He performed well in the passing drills. He set up quickly with good footwork in the pocket to move laterally and create passing lanes. He was very good on deep throws. Needs work on his foot work and set up to plant and drive the ball down the field with better accuracy. Takes too long a stride when setting up. Relies on a quick release and the touch to drop the ball into holes in coverage
The Skinny: Fast rising prospect with a level of development that demands sitting initially after only two starting years in a spread offense. Good field awareness and a top football IQ that should accelerate his progress within a pro offense. Continually improved over his career especially over his final season from the start through the critical postseason. Talented early 1st round pick with definite big time starting potential after gaining experience and learning a system. Savvy QB with an awesome skill set, especially his arm, though not ready currently to produce early. Huge ceiling if he gets in the right situation to refine his core throwing mechanics and footwork. Risen into the top selections and possible top five overall prospects. Excellent addition with skills to be NFL franchise type leader. Good fit for the Browns, Giants, Jets and Bills. Excellent intangibles to make a difference and a fine mature leader with the skills set to be an elite NFL starter in time.
Draft Projection: 1st Round -Top 6 pick

4 Baker Mayfield #6 Oklahoma 6-1 215 – Sp. 4.80
   Hindu Theory: Russell Wilson          Rating 88
Slick senior gunslinger put up record setting numbers in the Sooners’ prolific passing attack which earned him the 2017 Heisman Trophy award. Transferred from Texas Tech as an underclassmen due to being in a class with QBs Patrick Mahomes and Davis Webb. Strong athletic frame with a good arm and quick release. Very good feet to setup, move in the pocket, slide to create new lanes or scramble to throw on the move or for a first down. Savvy athlete with a great sense of field presence and situations. Combines keen instincts with good athleticism to be both a leader and playmaker. Stepped up in big situations with big performances in the national playoffs as well as winning at Ohio St. Few clubs go into Columbus, Ohio and come away with a victory. Baker was instrumental in the Sooners’ win that marked them a national contender. Tight quick release with a natural throwing motion with the ability to release the ball from several positions with fine velocity and quickness. Played in the spread Sooner passing game putting up amazing numbers annually while showing the ability to throw the complete route tree. Shows the ability to drive the ball down the field and consistently fit into tight windows. Progresses very well as a pocket passer, though mainly operates in an offense with quick simple reads geared for the primary receiver. Gunslinger mentality with a cocky attitude that at times takes too much risk on plays. Savvy thrower can re-cock his arm quickly and deliver fast into new windows. Learning to be patient and look for other receivers and go through his progressions. Limited work from under center and faces a learning curve and needs to sit and adjust to the game. Needs to refine his setup and footwork under center and learn to go through his reads and adjustments to make the proper calls. Shows fine touch and accuracy on intermediate and vertical routes, though needs some refinement. Able to consistently place the ball with nice trajectory over the shoulder of receivers to catch in full stride. Within the pocket, displays a crisp natural throwing motion to get the ball out fast. Able to really drive the ball when required and the ball can explode from his hand with good velocity on the outs and tight seam routes. Deceptive mobility to be effective on the move without losing his accuracy. Shows the toughness to sit in the pocket and take a hit to complete the pass.
The Numbers: Over the 2017 season, he started 14 games and completed 285 passes of 404 attempts for a 71% rate for 4627 yards with 43 TDs and 6 picks. Won Heisman Trophy, in addition to three time Big 12 Player of the Year honors, Manning award, O’Brien award and Maxwell award in 2017. Over his junior season, he threw for 3965 yards while completing 71% with 40 TDs and 8 picks in 13 starts. Over his career, he posted a 39-9 record including several bowl victories and impressive road wins at Ohio St. Threw for 14,607 yards with 131 TDs and 30 interceptions and a 68.5% completion rate. Similar to NFL starter, Russell Wilson in size, AA, arm strength and LOD. At the NFL Combine, he came in at over 6’ and 218 lbs. with 30 1/4” arms and 9 1/4 hands. He ran a 4.84 time and added a 29” VL and a 9’3” BJ with a 4.28 shuttle and 7.00 three cone.
The Skinny: Highly productive QB with strong frame and rare arm to become a high-quality starter with some development. Needs improvement in his footwork to step up to play in a pro-style offense. He can throw the deep ball with accuracy, drive the ball down the field and make the tough intermediate throws and can fit the ball into tight windows when given time. High 1st round and probable top 10 pick. Top 5 QB prospect with the skill set to win a starting job within a few seasons after learning a system. Needs further work on reading defenses and going through his progressions. Must prove up to the call of leadership to be successful in the NFL. Some behavior must be addressed, though not criminal offenses. Rising top 10 prospect.
Draft Projection: 1st Round

NFL Draft 2018 – Top 100 Pro Prospects Final Rankings – RB Saquon Barkley #1 Prospect

Top 100 Pro Prospects for the NFL Draft 2018

Running back Saquon Barkley is our #1 prospect for the NFL Draft this year. He has ranked #1 from September 2017 and there has been no reason to move him. He had a terrific 2017 performance and concluded with a special NFL Combine that earned him the elite status. He is NFL ready and a prospect who is expected to go in the top five and possibly as high as the #2 overall selection currently held by the New York Giants.

April, 2018 – Final Update Edition
NFL Draft Rankings    * Declared Underclassmen

      Pro Prospect        /   Position  /      School
1 * Saquon Barkley                   RB                  Penn St
2 * Sam Darnold                       QB                  USC
3 Bradley Chubb                       DE                  NC St
4 * Quenton Nelson                 OG                   Notre Dame
5 * Minkah Fitzpatrick              S                    Alabama
6 * Josh Rosen                         QB                    UCLA
7 Baker Mayfield                      QB                   Oklahoma
8 * Denzel Ward                       CB                    Ohio St
9 * Roquan Smith                    LB                    Georgia
10 * Josh Allen                          QB                   Wyoming
11 * Derwin James                    S                      Florida St
12 * Tremaine Edmunds         LB                    Virginia Tech
13 Mike McGlinchey                 OT                  Notre Dame
14 * Calvin Ridley                     WR                  Alabama
15 Marcus Davenport               DE                   UTSA
16 Vita Vea                                DT                  Washington
17 * Connor Williams                 OT                  Texas
18 * Leighton Vander Esch        LB                   Boise St
19 Rashaan Evans                      LB                   Alabama
20 * Taven Bryan                       DT                   Florida
21 * Jaire Alexander                  CB                   Louisville
22 * D.J. Moore                         WR                  Maryland
23 * Da’Ron Payne                    DT                   Alabama
24 * Kolton Miller                      OT                   UCLA
25 * Mike Hughes                      CB                   Central Florida
26 Christian Kirk                       WR                  Texas A&M
27 * Joshua Jackson                 CB                    Iowa
28 Isaiah Wynn                         OG                   Georgia
29 * Courtland Sutton              WR                   SMU
30 * Sam Hubbard                    DE                   Ohio State
31 Maurice Hurst                      DT                    Michigan
32 Billy Price                              C                      Ohio St
33 Will Hernandez                    OG                   Texas-El Paso
34 * Derrius Guice                    RB                    LSU
35 Dallas Goedert                     TE                    South Dakota St
36 Frank Ragnow                      C                      Arkansas
37 Lorenzo Carter                     LB                    Georgia
38 * Ronnie Harrison               S                      Alabama
39 Sony Michel                         RB                    Georgia
40 D.J Chark                             WR                   LSU
41 * Carlton Davis                     CB                    Auburn
42 Harold Landry                     DE/LB              Boston College
43 * Harrison Phillips              DT                    Stanford
44 * James Daniels                   OL                    Iowa
45 * Arden Key                          DE/LB              LSU
46 * Lamar Jackson                  QB                   Louisville
47 * Isaiah Oliver                      CB                    Colorado
48 Mason Rudolph                   QB                   Oklahoma St
49 Tyrell Crosby                       OT                    Oregon
50 * Justin Reid                         S                      Stanford
51 Austin Corbett                      OL                    Nevada
52 * Hayden Hurst                     TE                    South Carolina
53 Uchenna Nwosu                  LB                    USC
54 * Rasheem Green                DL                    Southern Cal
55 Mike Gesicki                         TE                    Penn St
56 * Brian O’Neill                      OT                    Pittsburgh
57 * Tim Settle                           DT                    Virginia Tech
58 * Ronald Jones II                 RB                    Southern Cal
59 James Washington              WR                   Oklahoma St
60 * Mark Andrews                   TE                    Oklahoma
61 B.J. Hill                                DT                    N.C. St
62 * Donte Jackson                   CB                    LSU
63 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo           LB                    Oklahoma
64 Anthony Miller                      WR                   Memphis
65 Braden Smith                      OG                   Auburn
66 Rashaad Penny                    RB                    San Diego St
67 Kemoko Turay                      DE                    Rutgers
68 Nathan Shepherd                 DT                    Fort Hays St
69 * Jessie Bates                      S                      Wake Forest
70 * Kerryon Johnson               RB                    Auburn
71 Martinas Rankin                    OT                    Mississippi St
72 Da’Shawn Hand                    DE                   Alabama
73 * Deon Cain                          WR                   Clemson
74 Nick Chubb                          RB                    Georgia
75 Anthony Averett                    CB                    Alabama
76 * Nyheim Hines                     RB                    North Carolina St
77 * Orlando Brown                   OT                    Oklahoma
78 * Malik Jefferson                  LB                    Texas
79 Dante Pettis                         WR                   Washington
80 Jaylen Samuels                    TE                    NC St
81 Duke Ejiofor                         DE                   Wake Forest
82 DaeSean Hamilton                WR                   Penn St
83 * Josh Sweat                        DE                   Florida St
84 Darius Leonard                     LB                    South Carolina St
85 * Equanimeous St. Brown      WR                   Notre Dame
86 * R.J. McIntosh                     DT                    Miami
87 Oren Burks                           LB                    Vanderbilt
88 * Trent Thompson                 DT                    Georgia
89 Michael Gallup                      WR                   Colorado St
90 * Kevin Toliver                      CB                    LSU
91 * Jerome Baker                     LB                    Ohio St
92 Chukwuma Okorafor            OT                    Western Michigan
93 Duke Dawson                       CB                    Florida
94 Fred Warner                         LB                    Brigham Young
95 * Breeland Speaks                DE                   Ole Miss
96 * Rashaan Gaulden              S                      Tennessee
97 * Tre’Quan Smith                  WR                   Central Florida
98 Kyzir White                           S                      West Virginia
99 * Tarvarus McFadden            CB                    Florida St
100 * Terrell Edmunds              S                      Virginia Tech

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NFL Draft 2018 – Final Three Round Mock Draft

Three Round Mock Draft for the NFL Draft 2018    

Final Mock Draft for NFL Draft 2018           * Underclassmen                  Update Report – available now – Complete seven Round Mock   Draft / Final Top 300 Prospects / Top 50 Small College     

#      Team                Player /     Position /  School
First Round
1 Cleveland                      * Sam Darnold           QB       USC
2 NY Giants                    * Saquon Barkley      RB        Penn St
3 NY Jets (Indianapolis)    Baker Mayfield     QB     Oklahoma
4 Cleveland (Houston)      Bradley Chubb        DE       NC St
5 Denver                      * Minkah Fitzpatrick    S      Alabama
6 Indianapolis (Jets)      * Denzel Ward           CB        Ohio St
7 Tampa Bay                 * Derwin James        S          Florida St
8 Chicago                   * Quenton Nelson    OG      Notre Dame
9 San Francisco            * Roquan Smith       LB        Georgia
10 Oakland                          * Tremaine Edmunds     LB        Virginia Tech
11 Miami                                * Josh Rosen                QB       UCLA
12 Buffalo (Cincinnati)          * Josh Allen                   QB       Wyoming
13 Washington                       Vita Vea                        DT        Washington
14 Green Bay                         * Calvin Ridley             WR       Alabama
15 Arizona                              * D.J. Moore                 WR       Maryland
16 Baltimore                          Marcus Davenport         DE       UTSA
17 LA Chargers                      * Jaire Alexander           CB        Louisville
18 Seattle                                Mike McGlinchey           OT        Notre Dame
19 Dallas                                 * Courtland Sutton         WR       SMU
20 Detroit                               Rashaan Evans            LB        Alabama
21 Cincinnati (Buffalo)        * Leighton Vander Esch LB        Boise St
22 Buffalo (Kan City)           * Da’Ron Payne             DT        Alabama
23 New Eng (LA Rams)       * Connor Williams          OT        Texas
24 Carolina                               Isaiah Wynn                  OG       Georgia
25 Tennessee                           * Taven Bryan              DT        Florida
26 Atlanta                                * Mike Hughes               CB        Central Florida
27 New Orleans                       D.J Chark                      WR       LSU
28 Pittsburgh                           Harold Landry              LB        Boston College
29 Jacksonville                        Christian Kirk                WR       Texas A&M
30 Minnesota                           * Sam Hubbard             DE       Ohio St
31 New England                      Will Hernandez             OG       Texas-El Paso
32 Philadelphia                       * Harrison Phillips          DT        Stanford

  Second Round
33 Cleveland                             * Josh Jackson             CB        Iowa
34 NY Giants –                         * Kolton Miller               OT        UCLA
35 Cleveland (Houston)          * Justin Reid                  S          Stanford
36 Indianapolis                         Sony Michel                  RB        Georgia
37 Indianapolis (NY Jets)       Tyrell Crosby              OT        Oregon
38 Tampa Bay                          * Derrius Guice              RB        LSU
39 Chicago                                 James Washington        WR       Oklahoma St
40 Denver                                 * Carlton Davis              CB        Auburn
41 Oakland                                 Dallas Goedert              TE        South Dakota St
42 Miami                                    Billy Price                      C          Ohio St
43 New England (San Fran)   * Arden Key                  DE       LSU
44 Washington                          * James Daniels            C          Iowa
45 Green Bay                             * Isaiah Oliver                CB        Colorado
46 Cincinnati                             Maurice Hurst               DT        Michigan
47 Arizona                                 * Ronnie Harrison          S          Alabama
48 LA Chargers                         Mason Rudolph            QB       Oklahoma St
49 Indianapolis (Seat-Jets)     Mike Gesicki                 TE        Penn St
50 Dallas                                     B.J. Hill                         DT        N.C. St
51 Detroit                                   * Hayden Hurst              TE        South Carolina
52 Baltimore                             * Lamar Jackson           QB       Louisville
53 Buffalo                                  * Brian O’Neill                OT        Pittsburgh
54 Kansas City                          Anthony Miller              WR       Memphis
55 Carolina                               * Deon Cain                   WR       Clemson
56 Buffalo (LA Rams)             Frank Ragnow               C          Arkansas
57 Tennessee                            * Ronald Jones II           RB        Southern Cal
58 Atlanta                                  Nathan Shepherd          DT        Fort Hays St
59 San Fran (New Orleans)   Lorenzo Carter              LB        Georgia
60 Pittsburgh                            Rashaad Penny             RB        San Diego St
61 Jacksonville                         * Mark Andrews             TE        Oklahoma
62 Minnesota                            Austin Corbett               OL        Nevada
63 New England                       Da’Shawn Hand            DE       Alabama
64 Cleveland (Phil)                   * Tim Settle                   DT        Virginia Tech

Third Round
65 Buffalo (Cleveland)             Nick Chubb                   RB        Georgia
66 NY Giants                             * Rasheem Green          DL        Southern Cal
67 Indianapolis                         Martinas Rankin            OT        Mississippi St
68 Houston                                Uchenna Nwosu            LB        USC
69 NY Giants (Tampa Bay)      Anthony Averett             CB        Alabama
70 San Francisco (Chicago)    * Donte Jackson            CB        LSU
71 Denver                                    * Orlando Brown            OT        Oklahoma
72 NY Jets                                  * Malik Jefferson           LB        Texas
73 Miami                                    * Jessie Bates               S          Wake Forest
74 San Francisco                       DaeSean Hamilton        WR       Penn St
75 Oakland                                * Kevin Toliver               CB        LSU
76 Green Bay                             * Nyheim Hines             RB        North Carolina St
77 Cincinnati                              Dante Pettis                  WR       Washington
78 Kansas City (Washington)  * Tarvarus McFadden    CB        Florida St
79 Arizona                                   * Equanimeous St. Brown  WR   Notre Dame
80 Houston (Seattle)                 Braden Smith               OG       Auburn
81 Dallas                                      Ogbonnia Okoronkwo    LB        Oklahoma
82 Detroit                                   * Josh Adams                RB        Notre Dame
83 Baltimore                              * Josh Sweat                 DE       Florida St
84 LA Chargers                         Kemoko Turay               DE/LB  Rutgers
85 Carolina (Buffalo)               Chukwuma Okorafor     OT        Western Michigan
86 Kansas City                          Kyzir White                    S          West Virginia
87 LA Rams                               Armani Watts                S          Texas A&M
88 Carolina                               Darius Leonard              LB        South Carolina St
89 Tennessee                            Oren Burks                   LB        Vanderbilt
90 Atlanta                                  Duke Ejiofor                 DE       Wake Forest
91 New Orleans                         Michael Gallup              WR       Colorado St
92 Pittsburgh                            Fred Warner                  LB        Brigham Young
93 Jacksonville                         Isaac Yiadom                CB        Boston College
94 Minnesota                            * R.J. McIntosh              DT        Miami
95 New England                       Jaylen Samuels             TE        NC St
96 Buffalo (Philadelphia)       * Trent Thompson          DT        Georgia
97 Arizona                                  * DeShon Elliott            S          Texas
98 Houston                                * Terrell Edmunds         S          Virginia Tech
99 Denver                                   Kyle Lauletta                 QB       Richmond (Va)
100 Cincinnati                            Jerome Baker             LB        Ohio St


TE Dallas Goedert Heads Small College ‘Dirty Dozen’ – Yearbook Scouting Report

TE Dallas Goedert of South Dakota St. – Heads Small College ‘Dirty Dozen’ –

   Dallas Goedert 2018 Yearbook Draft Insiders’ Scouting Report below

Goedert is our #1 prospect and has a top 40 ranking. He could be a surprise late first round selection and is an emerging blue chip player. He is our highest rated prospect from the lower level in over ten years. He has impact ability with the skill set to be a complete player. Clubs like the Patriots, Colts, Dolphins and Raiders interested.

Top Small College Rankings 
   The ‘Dirty Dozen’
 – Top 12 Overall Prospects

             Prospect  /    Position / School                 
  1 Dallas Goedert            TE     South Dakota St     
2 Nathan Shepherd  DT    Fort Hays St (Ks)          
  3 Darius Leonard                 LB        South Carolina St       
  4 P.J. Hall                               DT        Sam Houston St         
  5 Kyle Lauletta                      QB       Richmond
  6 Andrew Ankrah                 LB        James Madison                       
  7 Siran Neal                            S          Jacksonville St           
  8 Davontae Harris               CB        Illinois St                    
  9 Bilal Nichols                        DT        Delaware                     
10 John Franklin-Myers      DE        Stephen F. Austin       
11 Brandon Parker                 OL        North Carolina A&T     
12 Alex Cappa                          OL        Humboldt St (Ca.)       

Draft Insiders’ 2018 Yearbook – Over 300 In-depth Scouting Reports

1 Dallas Goedert #86 – South Dakota St           6-5       255       – Sp. 4.80 
                 Hindu Theory: Jason Witten                                        Rating 87
Long athletic physical specimen was a vital part of the SD St offense while starting during his final three seasons. Earned FCS All-American honors his last two campaigns. Big angular athlete with natural soft hands and fine agility to be a big factor in the passing game. Incredible production at the FCS level and defied double coverage in many key situations. The best average yards per reception for any tight end in the draft and indicative of his ability to stretch the middle of the field and make plays after the reception. Huge frame and long arms (34”) with natural hands and deceptive speed due to his long smooth strides. His height and long length plus his leaping ability allow him to extend for high passes and make him a tough physical mismatch for any defender. Played a variety of ways including inline, split wide or flexed out and H-back. Most diverse TE prospect in this talented group. Knows how to use his size well, whether it is blocking for the running game or using his wide wingspan as a receiver. Attacks the defender with his long strides, can explode out of his breaks and create separation and runs precise routes. Uses his big frame to shield defenders and snatch the ball in the air, relying on his large naturally soft hands. Lacks power as a drive blocker, but shows above average technique to effectively wall off a defender, sustain, and keep him out of the play. Slender athlete and would benefit from strength work and additional muscle to compete in the physical NFL game.
The Numbers:  As a senior, he started all 14 games and caught 72 passes for 1111 yards, 15.4 yard average and 7 TDs while earning 1st team All-American honors. As a junior, he started all 13 games and made 92 catches for 1293 yards for a 14.1 average and 11 TDs. Over his career, he totaled 198 catches for 2988 yards for an impressive 15.1 yard average and 21 TDs. He has the potential to be a nice NFL playmaker. At the NFL Combine, he checked in at 256 lbs. and 6’5” with 34” arms and 10” hands. He did 23 reps, but did not workout due to a hamstring pull. Similar to Jason Witten in size, mobility and overall skill set.
The Skinny: Talented fluid well-rounded prospect with huge upside as a pro. Long receiver with the speed to stretch the seam in the vertical game and capable of surprising and becoming an early starter. Dangerous red zone receiver with impact ability. Developed prospect with the talent to become a major weapon. Rising top 60-75 prospect with developed receiving skills to give a team a different dimension. Nice upside as a blocker. Probable 2nd round pick with a high ceiling for today’s game.
Draft Projection: 2nd Round

NFL Draft 2018 – Cleveland Browns Team Report – ‘On the Clock’ Holding 1st & 4th Overall Picks

Cleveland Browns – 2018 Team Report

    Frank Coyle ‘ – Head Scout /Publisher

The Cleveland Browns hold the #1 overall selection again this year and have a bumper crop of draft choices including two first round picks, the #1 and #4 overall in the process. They hold three #2 selections giving  them 5 of the Top 64 draft choices. New GM John Dorsey addresses his first draft classes for a franchise mired in a decade plus of poor decisions related to personnel both in the NFL Draft and Free agency. They have faltered especially choosing their QB with multiple busts including the cursed #22 overall selection that involved QB prospects, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden and Johnny ‘Football’ Manzel over the past decade. This is a club that traded out of the #2 overall pick just two years ago, passing on either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff both of whom had huge breakout 2017 seasons.

Draft Insiders’ NFL Team Report – In-depth Team Reports on all 32 clubs – Available Now

Update 2018 Drft Report – includes Final Top 300 and complete Seven Round Mock Draft –            Available Wed April 25th

– 0-16 – Head Coach – Hue Jackson – 3rd Year

   Key Team Needs: 1. QB        2. CB      3. OT     4. DT      5. LB   
       1st Round Pick – 1st and 4th overall picks – 9 total picks

 1 Quarterback – The Browns get a chance to end the QB saga. Just two years ago they held the #2 overall pick and a chance at either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff and they traded out for extra picks. They went 0-16 last season. That’s a O in the win column. They have been a disaster for over a decade especially related to the QB decision. Last season, their offense finished 31st in rushing and one of the lowest scoring clubs in the league. They traded for vet Tyrod Taylor, a good bridge QB until the new blue-chip prospect is ready. They traded young QB Deshone Kizer for DB Damarius Randall and later swapped picks. They have Sam Darnold rated their #1 passer and are prepared to select him. They may begin to negotiate with him the week prior to the NFL Draft 2018. HC Hue Jackson drafted Kizer and Cody Kessler over recent years along with signing RG3. They may not be more than career backups. They also hold the #4 overall pick this year and have blue chip runner Saquon Barkley, DE Bradley Chubb and OG Quenton Nelson on their short list. Chubb and Barkley are very good fits here.
2. Cornerback – The Browns secondary improved last season after huge coverage issues in 2016. Nevertheless, they allowed the 2nd most point in the NFL in 2017. They have struggled in coverage since parting ways with veteran Joe Haden. They could address this position with the #4 overall pick with Denzel Ward. They also like a few corners in the early 2nd round and like Josh Jackson and Carlton Davis. They need to address this area in the early rounds with quality starters. They like Isaiah Oliver and Anthony Averett in the late 2nd round and both would be excellent additions.
3. Offensive Line – The Browns’ perennial All-Pro LT Joe Thomas retired after his 11th season. He was truly a HOF performer who played for a terrible team. His retirement leaves a huge opening on the outside and an area they look to address with one of their early selections. They may use their first #2 pick on Kolton Miller a huge left tackle prospect. They also like Brian O’Neill on the 2nd day and see him as a LT in time. They have subpar depth and will probably look to add at least two linemen with one a developed tackle.
4. Defensive Line – The Browns traded Danny Shelton to the Patriots with a 5th round pick this year for a 3rd round pick in the NFL Draft 2019. They like Maurice Hurst in the early 2nd round and see him as the interior penetrator they have been lacking. They also like Harrison Phillips and Tim Settle in the 2nd round. They may use one of their three 2nd round picks here with BJ Hill and Nathan Shepherd probably available with the 64th overall selection.

Browns – Short List Players
1st Round Prospects –  Picks #1 and #4
Sam Darnold               QB                   Southern Cal
Josh Rosen                 QB                   UCLA
Saquon Barkley           RB                    Penn St
Bradley Chubb            DE                   NC St

2nd Day Prospects 
  2nd Round – 3 picks (#33, #35 #64)
Kolton Miller                OT                    UCLA
Maurice Hurst              DT                    Michigan
Tyrell Crosby              OT                    Oregon
Sony Michel                 RB                    Georgia
Carlton Davis               CB                    Auburn
Nathan Shepherd         DT                    Fort Hays St
Justin Reid                   S                      Stanford
Rasheem Green           DL                    Southern Cal

3rd Round – No pick

Insiders’ Insights

The Browns face the most pivotal draft class in their history after recent colossal mistakes. They hold 5 of the top 64 selections and 9 overall draft choices. They have been a struggling franchise the past decade with continuous major mistakes at QB and ongoing staff and system changes. Passing on Carson Wentz two years ago was inexcusable. They hold two #1s this year the first and fourth overall selections. They most likely hold the top pick and choose the QB they like the most – Sam Darnold. Their extra draft choices give them leverage to move within the top rounds. They face a critical draft class with many pressing needs.  With a high number of selections, they have the luxury of dipping into the deep running back, linebacker and defensive back classes. They added several skill positions like receivers, Jarvis Landry and re-signed talented Josh Gordon to give them a potent receiving corps entering camp. Running back Carlos Hyde can be a workhorse back in Ohio and can be a force entering his prime. They will most likely focus on offense early with defense at linebacker and corner getting a high priority.

1st Round Pick – QB Sam Darnold – Young franchise type passer has the talent to be among the best in the game if given time.
1st Round Pick – DE Bradley Chubb – Great bookend edge rusher opposite last year’s top pick Myles Garrett.
Alternate Pick – Josh Rosen – Slick throwing junior has the talent, but must prove durable in the NFL.

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Complete 7 Round Mock Draft – Final Top 300 Value Board – Top Small College Prospects

Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with coaches, scouts and player agents. He is a long-time member of the FWAA and voter in College player awards – Heisman, Biletnikoff, Thorpe, Outland, Nagurski, Lombardi etc for the past 25 years. He writes College Football Mondays weekly during the season. He is a longtime scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game. He does sports radio shows for ESPN, Fox Sports and Sporting News on a year-round basis related to College Football especially during the postseason team and All-star Bowl time. He has worked for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Yahoo and Rivals sports publications and web sites

Defensive Tackle Position Features Talented Deep Class of Prospects with Early NFL Starting Grades

Defensive Tackles Grade: A

The Defensive Tackle class is one of the premier groups in recent years and one of the strongest positions this year and probably the best along with the cornerback from the defensive side of the ball.

    Defensive Tackle  –  Nathan Shepherd –          Ft. Hays (Ks)

Draft Insiders’ 2018 Yearbook – over 300 In-depth Scouting Reports – Available now – Order Online

Defensive tackle class has 25 in depth scouting reports at a position which will dominate the first two days of the NFL Draft 2018

 Positional Overview:
This year’s tackle class is a very strong group after an average draft class last spring. It is especially deep overall through the top 100-125 prospects, though not an especially top-heavy position. Vita Vea and Da’Ron Payne are two highly rated prospects who figure to go in the top 15 selections. Both are NFL ready and should press for rookie starting roles. Taven Bryan, Maurice Hurst, Harrison Phillips and Tim Settle are first round bubble prospects. Phillips and Bryan are tweener linemen and scheme diverse to play inside and outside. Hurst worked out well on his pro day after some medical heart issues arose at the NFL Combine. He is a high level three technique tackle with an early starting grade. Settle is a huge lineman who fits the zero and one technique to become an anchor in the middle. He is expected to be selected in the top 40 overall choices. They could see 8 to 10 chosen from the middle of the first round through the top 100 picks. The highest rated prospects are all graded from the mid-1st through the 3rd round area. Juniors head this class with seven of the top ten prospects underclassmen. B.J. Hill and Nathan Shepherd are fast rising defenders with some scheme flexibility and well-rounded talent who figure in the 2nd day. Shepherd is an impressive small college prospect with an excellent skill set to play inside and outside. He is the highest rated small college defender in this class and ranks in the top 100 prospects. Hill is a fast rising prospect who had an impressive final performance which has him rising in the early rounds. Juniors R.J. McIntosh, Trenton Thompson and Kendrick Norton have NFL starting talent and are fine middle round additions. Small college prospects, Bilal Nichols and P.J. Hall were impressive vs top competition and performed well in workouts. They have moved into the middle rounds in this deep class. This tackle group should provide many 3rd day selections who can become good value choices – like Justin Jones and Greg Gilmore. All carry starting grades and expected to be available in the 3rd day. As many as 15 prospects chosen in the top 150 overall picks. Expect as many as 25 DTs chosen over the 7 rounds.

  NFL Teams in need:

    1. Cowboys       5. Browns
    2. Patriots         6. Jets
    3. Colts               7. Bengals
    4. Dolphins       8. Broncos

 NFL Premier Player
   Aaron Donald
Blue Chip – Vita Vea
Blue Chip – Da’Ron Payne
Red Chip – Taven Bryan
Rising – Nathan Shepherd
Falling – Derrick Nnadi
Underrated – Justin Jones
Overrated – Folorunso Fatukasi
Sleeper –  P.J. Hall
Boom/Bust – Trenton Thompson
Ready to Play – Da’Ron Payne
Hidden Gem – Nathan Shepherd
Over drafted – Tim Settle

Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Vita Vea
Best Pass Rusher – Maurice Hurst
Best Run Stuffer – Vita Vea
Pursuit – Taven Bryan
Shed Blocks – Da’Ron Payne
Recognition – Maurice Hurst
Best Intangibles –  Harrison Phillips
Ball Instincts – Taven Bryan
Strongest – Da’Ron Payne
Toughest – Harrison Phillips
Most Developed – Vita Vea

Top Defensive Tackle Prospects
1 * Vita Vea – Washington
2 * Da’Ron Payne – Alabama
3 * Taven Bryan – Florida
4 Maurice Hurst – Michigan
5 * Harrison Phillips – Stanford
6 * Tim Settle – Virginia Tech
7 B.J. Hill – North Carolina St
8 Nathan Shepherd – Fort Hays St. (Ks)
9 * R.J. McIntosh – Miami
10 * Trenton Thompson – Georgia
11 Deadrin Senat – South Florida
12 Justin Jones – North Carolina St
13 Derrick Nnadi – Florida St
14 * Kendrick Norton – Miami
15 P.J. Hall – Sam Houston St.
16 Lowell Lotulelei – Utah
17 Bilal Nichols – Delaware
18 Folorunso Fatukasi – UConn

Saquon Barkley Heads Top 50 Pro Prospect Rankings for NFL Draft

Top 50 Pro Prospects for the NFL Draft 2018

       Saquon Barkley Heads Pro Prospect Rankings

          RB Saquon Barkley – Penn St.

Frank Coyle/ Head Scout

Saquon Barkley continues to head the pro prospect ranking with one week until the start of the NFL Draft 2018. Barkley has been our #1 prospect since September 2017 and there has been no reason to move him through the season and postseason. He is a complete prospect with early NFL impact talent in a year when four QBs have created an insane buzz within the top five and ten selections. Trades are still a very real possibility with three teams holding two #1 draft choices – Browns, Bills and Patriots. Many trades occur ‘On the Clock’ with player availability changing value for clubs.

Draft Insiders’ Yearbook for NFL Draft 2018 – over 300 In-depth Scouting Reports – available now

  Top 50 Pro Prospects for the NFL Draft 2018

–  * underclassmen – late April, 2018
Pro Prospect                 Pos                 School

1 * Saquon Barkley                  RB                    Penn St
2 * Sam Darnold                      QB                   Southern Cal
3 Bradley Chubb                      DE                   NC St
4 * Quenton Nelson                 OG                   Notre Dame
5 * Minkah Fitzpatrick            S                      Alabama
6 * Josh Rosen                         QB                   UCLA
7 * Denzel Ward                      CB                    Ohio St
8 * Roquan Smith                   LB                    Georgia
9 * Josh Allen                          QB                   Wyoming
10 * Derwin James                   S                      Florida St
11 * Tremaine Edmunds          LB                    Virginia Tech
12 Baker Mayfield                    QB                   Oklahoma
13 Mike McGlinchey                 OT                    Notre Dame
14 * Calvin Ridley                     WR                   Alabama
15 Marcus Davenport              DE                   UTSA
16 Vita Vea                                 DT                    Washington
17 * Connor Williams                OT                    Texas
18 * Leighton Vander Esch      LB                    Boise St
19 Rashaan Evans                     LB                    Alabama
20 * Taven Bryan                      DT                    Florida
21 Christian Kirk                       WR                   Texas A&M
22 * Jaire Alexander                 CB                    Louisville
23 * D.J. Moore                         WR                   Maryland
24 * Da’Ron Payne                    DT                    Alabama
25 * Kolton Miller                     OT                    UCLA
26 * Mike Hughes                     CB                    Central Florida
27 * Joshua Jackson                 CB                    Iowa
28 Isaiah Wynn                         OG                   Georgia
29 * Courtland Sutton               WR                   SMU
30 * Sam Hubbard                    DE                   Ohio State
31 Maurice Hurst                      DT                    Michigan
32 * Derrius Guice                    RB                    LSU
33 D.J Chark                             WR                   LSU
34 Billy Price                             C                      Ohio St
35 Dallas Goedert                     TE                    South Dakota St
36 Frank Ragnow                      C                      Arkansas
37 Lorenzo Carter                      LB                    Georgia
38 * Ronnie Harrison                S                      Alabama
39 Will Hernandez                    OG                   Texas-El Paso
40 Sony Michel                         RB                    Georgia
41 * Carlton Davis                     CB                    Auburn
42 Harold Landry                     DE/LB              Boston College
43 * Harrison Phillips              DT                    Stanford
44 * Arden Key                          DE/LB              LSU
45 * Lamar Jackson                  QB                   Louisville
46 * Isaiah Oliver                      CB                    Colorado
47 Mason Rudolph                   QB                   Oklahoma St
48 Tyrell Crosby                       OT                    Oregon
49 * Justin Reid                         S                      Stanford
50 Austin Corbett                      OL                    Nevada


QBs Head Two Round Mock Draft

Two Round Mock Draft for the NFL Draft 2018 – 5.0
Quarterbacks Highlight First Round with Five #1 Selections

Frank Coyle/ Head Scout
          * underclassmen – April, 2018

First Round
#       Team                                     Player /            Position /     School
1 Cleveland                                  * Sam Darnold                QB       Southern Cal
2 NY Giants                                * Saquon Barkley             RB        Penn St
3 NY Jets (Indianapolis)            * Josh Rosen                  QB       UCLA
4 Cleveland (Houston)               * Minkah Fitzpatrick     S          Alabama
5 Denver                                      * Josh Allen                      QB       Wyoming
6 Indianapolis (NY Jets)            Bradley Chubb              DE       NC St
7 Tampa Bay                              * Quenton Nelson            OG       Notre Dame
8 Chicago                                   * Denzel Ward                   CB        Ohio St
9 San Francisco                        * Derwin James                S          Florida St
10 Oakland                                Marcus Davenport           DE       UTSA
11 Miami                                   * Tremaine Edmunds       LB        Virginia Tech
12 Buffalo (Cincinnati)              Baker Mayfield              QB       Oklahoma
13 Washington                          * Jaire Alexander            CB        Louisville
14 Green Bay                            * Roquan Smith               LB        Georgia
15 Arizona                                Mike McGlinchey             OT        Notre Dame
16 Baltimore                             * Calvin Ridley                 WR       Alabama
17 LA Chargers                        Vita Vea                              DT        Washington
18 Seattle                                * Connor Williams             OT        Texas
19 Dallas                                  * D.J. Moore                      WR       Maryland
20 Detroit                                 * Derrius Guice                RB        LSU
21 Cincinnati (Buffalo)           * Da’Ron Payne               DT        Alabama
22 Buffalo (Kansas City)        Isaiah Wynn                     OG       Georgia
23 New England (Rams)       * Leighton Vander Esch  LB        Boise St
24 Carolina                               * Mike Hughes                 CB        Central Florida
25 Tennessee                            * Sam Hubbard               DE       Ohio St
26 Atlanta                                 * Taven Bryan                  DT        Florida
27 New Orleans                         Rashaan Evans              LB        Alabama
28 Pittsburgh                            Mason Rudolph              QB       Oklahoma St
29 Jacksonville                         * Courtland Sutton         WR       SMU
30 Minnesota                            Will Hernandez              OG       Texas-El Paso
31 New England                        * Kolton Miller               OT        UCLA
32 Philadelphia                         Christian Kirk                WR       Texas A&M

Second Round
33 Cleveland                            D.J Chark                      WR       LSU
34 NY Giants                           Lorenzo Carter              LB        Georgia
35 Cleveland (Houston)            * Carlton Davis              CB        Auburn
36 Indianapolis                         * Harrison Phillips          DT        Stanford
37 Indianapolis (Jets)                Dallas Goedert              TE        South Dakota St
38 Tampa Bay                         Sony Michel                  RB        Georgia
39 Chicago                              Anthony Miller              WR       Memphis
40 Denver                                * Josh Jackson             CB        Iowa
41 Oakland                              Mike Gesicki                 TE        Penn St
42 Miami           `                       * Ronnie Harrison          S          Alabama
43 New England (San Fran)       Harold Landry              LB        Boston College
44 Washington                          * Justin Reid                  S          Stanford
45 Green Bay                           * Arden Key                  DE       LSU
46 Cincinnati                            Billy Price                      C          Ohio St
47 Arizona                                James Washington        WR       Oklahoma St
48 LA Chargers                        * Lamar Jackson           QB       Louisville
49 Indianapolis (Seattle-Jets)     Tyrell Crosby               OT        Oregon
50 Dallas                                 * Mark Andrews             TE        Oklahoma
51 Detroit                                Maurice Hurst               DT        Michigan
52 Baltimore                            * Tim Settle                   DT        Virginia Tech
53 Buffalo                                * James Daniels            C          Iowa
54 Kansas City                         * Rasheem Green          DL        Southern Cal
55 Carolina                               Austin Corbett               OL        Nevada
56 Buffalo (LA Rams)                * Ronald Jones II           RB        Southern Cal
57 Tennessee                            Uchenna Nwosu            LB        USC
58 Atlanta                                 * Deon Cain                   WR       Clemson
59 San Fran (New Orleans)       * Isaiah Oliver                CB        Colorado
60 Pittsburgh                            Ogbonnia Okoronkwo    LB        Oklahoma
61 Jacksonville                         B.J. Hill                         DT        N.C. St
62 Minnesota                            * Brian O’Neill                OT        Pittsburgh
63 New England                        * Hayden Hurst              TE        South Carolina
64 Cleveland (Phil)                    Da’Shawn Hand            DE       Alabama

Tremaine Edmunds and Lorenzo Carter Head Outside Linebackers

Outside Linebackers – Grade B

Positional Overview: This year’s class of outside linebackers is a very good group that should provide many starters for both pro schemes. With half the clubs playing the 3-4 scheme, this position may supply as many as 20+ defenders for that set. The top two, Tremaine Edmunds and Lorenzo Carter are late developing prospects who had outstanding final performances that continued through the postseason. Both checked off all the boxes which probably earns them mid to late 1st round selections. Edmunds impressed at every event and fits both pro schemes. Carter had an equally impressive final season that elevated him to the top of the class. He could also hear his name at the end of the first round. Seniors, Harold Landry and Uchenna Nwosu are highly regarded defenders coming strong final performances. Both carry solid late first early/second day consideration. Malik Jefferson and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo were playmakers and look to be selected on the 2nd day of the NFL Draft process. Rising prospects Shaquem Griffin, Jerome Baker and Fred Warner have drawn strong attention from pro scouts off strong finishes to their careers. They figure as top 100 bubble prospects. Griffin is the best story of any draft class, overcoming a hand deformity and subsequent amputation to excel as D1 defender who earned Conference Player of the Year honors. His NFL Combine performance will be the standard for outside linebackers for years to come. Hercules Mata’afa and Marquis Haynes fit the 3-4 clubs well. They are slipping through the cracks and have starting ability as 3-4 backers. Darius Leonard and Andrew Ankrah are small college defenders who completed excellent careers. Leonard finished with an excellent Senior Bowl. Ankrah has fallen through the cracks, but carries a starting grade for the outside in a 3-4 set. They have the makeup of premier special teams’ performers and figure in the 3rd day. This position will probably provide 8-10 prospects in the top 100 selections. Expect approximately 15 chosen in the top 150 picks with this group providing many defenders rated with starting grades. There should be as many as 20+ players chosen over the 7 rounds. This class also includes many ‘tweener types who specialize in rushing the QB and good fits for the 3-4 set, though a highly risky position. Oren Burks and Leon Jacobs are two fast underrated gems and projects to the pro 4-3 scheme and early special teams’ demons.

NFL Teams in need:

    1. Steelers      5. Cowboys
    2. Lions           6. Bills
    3. Ravens        7. Raiders
    4. Packers       8. Vikings

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      Positional Traits
Best Athlete – Lorenzo Carter
Best Run – Uchenna Nwosu
Best Pass Cover – Shaquem Griffin
Best Tackler – Tremaine Edmunds
Best Pass Rush – Harold Landry
Best Pursuit – Darius Leonard
Best Intangibles – Shaquem Griffin
Ball Instincts – Tremaine Edmunds

  NFL Premier Player
         Von Miller
Blue Chip – Tremaine Edmunds
Blue Chip – Lorenzo Carter
Red Chip – Harold Landry
Rising – Uchenna Nwosu
Falling – Ogbonnia Okoronkwo
Underrated – Fred Warner
Overrated – Jerome Baker
Sleeper – Darius Leonard
Boom/Bust – Malik Jefferson
Ready to Play – Harold Landry
Long Term Gem – Lorenzo Carter
Hidden Gem – Andrew Ankrah
Over drafted – Harold Landry

        Top Outside Linebackers 

1 * Tremaine Edmunds – Virginia Tech
2 Lorenzo Carter – Georgia
3 Harold Landry – Boston College
4 Uchenna Nwosu – USC
5 * Malik Jefferson – Texas
6 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo – Oklahoma
7 Darius Leonard – South Carolina St
8 * Jerome Baker – Ohio St
9 Fred Warner – Brigham Young
10 Oren Burks – Vanderbilt
11 Shaquem Griffin – Central Florida
12 * Hercules Mata’afa – Washington St
13 Marquis Haynes – Mississippi
14 Leon Jacobs – Wisconsin
15 Andrew Ankrah – James Madison