NFL Combine 2019 – Workout Warriors  Defensive Prospects

NFL Combine 2019 – Workout Warriors
Defensive Prospects

Edge Defenders
Sweat, Montez                OLB      Mississippi St.
Winovich, Chase            OLB      Michigan
Allen, Josh                      OLB      Kentucky
Banogu, Ben                   OLB      TCU
Brailford, Jordan           OLB      Oklahoma St.
Burns, Brian                   OLB      Florida St.
Davis, Jamal                   OLB      Akron
Hollins, Justin               OLB      Oregon
Miller, Christian            OLB      Alabama

Defensive Linemen
Bosa, Nick                      DL        Ohio St.
Gary, Rashan                 DL        Michigan
Williams, Quinnen       DL        Alabama
Hill, Trysten                  DL        Central Florida
Collier, L.J.                    DL        TCU
Cominsky, John           DL        Charleston

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White, Devin                 LB        LSU
Bush, Devin                   LB        Michigan
Cashman, Blake            LB        Minnesota
Johnson, Gary               LB        Texas
Summers, Ty                 LB        TCU
Takitaki, Sione              LB        BYU
Tranquill, Drue              LB        Notre Dame

Dean, Jamel                  CB        Auburn
Fields, Mark                  CB        Clemson
Johnson, Isaiah            CB        Houston
Layne, Justin                CB        Michigan St.
Bunting, Sean               CB        Central Michigan
Webster, Ken                CB        Mississippi
Long, David                   CB        Michigan
Thomas, Derrek            CB        Baylor

Woods, Zedrick                             S          Mississippi
Gardner-Johnson, Chauncey     S          Florida
Abram, Johnathan                       S          Mississippi St.
Hooker, Amani                             S          Iowa
Savage, Darnell                             S          Maryland
Blair, Marquise                             S          Utah
West, Darius                                  S          Kentucky

Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with NFL and college coaches, scouts and player agents. He has published for 28 years including a 250 page Yearbook with 300 in-depth scouting reports. Long-time scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game and member of the FWAA and voter in College player awards – Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Lombardi, Thorpe, Biletnikoff etc for the past 25+ years.

NFL Free Agency 2019 – Franchised Players – Designated Salary By Positon

NFL Free Agency 2019 – Franchised Players – Designated Salary by Position

NFL announced that the 2019 salary cap has been set at $188,200,000 per club, up from the 2018 ceiling of $177,200,000. The NFL announced the numbers for teams to designate franchise or transition players closed. This year, six players were designated as non-exclusive franchise players. No transition tags were used this year by any club.

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The new salary cap number represents an $11 million increase over the 2018 number which was $12 million over the 2017 salary cap. Since 2012, the cap has increased by nearly $70 million per team. The salary cap figure has ballooned in recent years as the effects of new bulging television deals are being figured into the amount. The total has jumped over $45 million each of the past four seasons. Though this is the 6th straight year the salary cap has increased by at least $10 million.

Under the collective bargaining agreement, teams are required to spend an average of 89 percent of the salary cap from 2013 to 2019. League-wide, teams must spend an average of 95 percent of the salary cap over the four-year period.

This new money boosts many clubs into a higher bracket that could produce a buying frenzy in the opening weeks starting March 13th. The salary cap per team below is a fluctuating total according to ongoing roster moves – re-signing, releases and restructuring of current players. The new totals should guarantee a heavily active Free Agent market thru the spring.

NFL 2017 Salary Cap – Franchise/ Transitional Tags 

The NFL salary cap figures list Franchise non-exclusive and transition tags. Non-exclusive players must be tendered a one-year deal no less than the listed amount for their position, which is determined by the average of the top five salaries at their position. With the non-exclusive tag, the current team has the right to match any offer or get two 1st round choices in return. An exclusive Franchise tag ties him to his current team at a higher but undetermined price for one season. Both sides can continue to negotiate on a longer deal even after a franchise tag has been applied.

NFL teams had until March 5th to designate either franchise or transitional tags. The transition tag is created by averaging the top 10 salaries at one position.

Free Agency Labels

Exclusive Franchise Players – None

Franchise Non-exclusive Players (6)

DeMarcus Lawrence             DE            Cowboys
Dee Ford                                 DE/LB      Chiefs
Jadeveon Clowney                DE/LB      Texans
Frank Clark                            DE             Seahawks
Grady Jarrett                         DT             Falcons
Robbie Gould                        PK              49ers

Official Franchise Tags – Salary cap 2019 – $188.2M
Franchise Tag Salary Numbers for each position

  2019 Franchise Tag Values

     Position                  Tender Amount
Quarterback                  $24,865,000
Running Back               $11,214,000
Wide Receiver               $16,787,000
Tight End                      $10,387,000
Offensive Lineman      $14,067,000
Defensive End              $17,128,000
Defensive Tackle           $15,209,000
Linebacker                    $15,443,000
Cornerback                   $16,022,000
Safety                              $11,150,000
Kicker/Punter                $4,971,000


NFL Combine 2019 – Workout Warriors

NFL Combine 2019 – Workout Warriors

  Offensive Prospects
Pro Days Begin on School Campuses

NFL Combine Defensive Prospects – This week

Offensive Prospects

Quarterbacks – Pro Days will determine final QB Rankings
Jackson, Tyree              QB       Buffalo
Jones, Daniel                QB       Duke
Lock, Drew                    QB       Missouri

Running Backs – Middle Tier Prospects Shrine at Workouts
Williams, Trayveon        RB        Texas A&M
Hill, Justice                   RB        Oklahoma St.
Sanders, Miles              RB        Penn St.
Scarlett, Jordan             RB        Florida
Henderson, Darrell        RB        Memphis
Armstead, Ryquell         RB        Temple
Barnes, Alex                 RB        Kansas St.

Wide Receivers – Deep Class with Limited Blue Chip Prospects
Metcalf, D.K.                 WR       Mississippi
McLaurin, Terry             WR       Ohio St.
Campbell, Parris            WR       Ohio St.
Isabella, Andy               WR       Massachusetts
Jennings, Gary              WR       West Virginia
Hardman, Mecole          WR       Georgia
Boykin, Miles                WR       Notre Dame
Brown, A.J.                   WR       Mississippi
Dulin, Ashton                WR       Malone Univ. (Oh)
Ferguson, Jazz              WR       Northwestern St. (La)
Hall, Emanuel                WR       Missouri

Tight Ends – Deep Class Continues to Emerge
Fant, Noah                    TE        Iowa
Hockenson, T.J.            TE        Iowa
Smith, Irv                      TE        Alabama
Oliver, Josh                  TE        San Jose St.
Mack, Alize                   TE        Notre Dame
Moreau, Foster             TE        LSU
Wilson, Caleb                TE        UCLA
Offensive Linemen – Limited Blue Chip Hogs
Dillard, Andre                OL        Washington St.
Bradbury, Garrett           OL        N.C. State
Lindstrom, Chris            OL        Boston College
McCoy, Erik                  OL        Texas A&M
Ford, Cody                   OL        Oklahoma
Howard, Tytus               OL        Alabama St.
McGary, Kaleb              OL        Washington
Bates, Ryan                  OL        Penn St.
Benzschawel, Beau       OL        Wisconsin
Davis, Nate                   OL        North Carolina – Charlotte
Deiter, Michael              OL        Wisconsin
Pipkins, Trey                 OL        Sioux Falls

Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with NFL and college coaches, scouts and player agents. He has published for 28 years including a 250 page Yearbook with 300 in-depth scouting reports. Long-time scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game and member of the FWAA and voter in College player awards – Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Lombardi, Thorpe, Biletnikoff etc for the past 25+ years.

NFL Draft and Free Agency Interview with scout Frank Coyle

NFL Draft 2019

NFL Draft and Free Agency Interview with scout Frank Coyle of for

  Analyzing the NY Jets strategy for NFL Free Agency and NFL Draft 2019
by Frank Coyle of

#1 Knowing the Jets have $99+ million in cap space and their weaknesses, where and on who would you spend the money on?

Jets have many needs going forward. GM Mike Maccagnan did a good job cutting cap problems in recent years to put them in the current situation. Their top priorities are edge pass rushers, a true feature back and #1 receiver, offensive tackle, defensive linemen and cornerbacks. They need to add a few top starters prior to the NFL Draft 2019. Most FA additions will probably come on the offensive side of the ball with selected defensive additions. With tags starting being used this week, edge defenders like DeMarcus Lawrence, Jadeveon Clowney, Preston Smith, Dante Fowler, Dee Ford, Trey Flowers and Shane Ray could come off the FA board soon. All these edge rushers are just entering their prime. Lawrence, Clowney, Smith, Flowers, Fowler and Ford will be expensive, but they bring the hot commodity the Jets need – edge pass pressure. Smith may not get the publicity of the others, but is an emerging impact edge defender that can make a difference. Flowers would be a coup to wrestle away from the Patriots. Always around the ball and makes plays. Jets will have to compete for the top FA prospects here or use a high draft selection. With no #2 pick currently, they may have their choice of any edge prospect other than Bosa. Josh Allen of Kentucky is a stud and the most complete edge defender in this draft class. The Jets will entertain moving back in top ten for a #2 selection. I love DE/LB Montez Sweat from Mississippi State. He strikes and brings explosiveness and power and has impact talent. He figures off the board by the middle of the first round. With $99 million in free agency available and the #3 overall selection, the Jets could address this area with two edge rushers and elevate this unit significantly with premier defenders like DL Leonard Williams and safety Jamal Adams inline already.

I also like free agent OTs, JaWuan James, Cedric Ogbuehi, Jake Fisher or Donovan Smith. Tackle pickings are generally thin after a few prospects with several teams have already resigned before the FA period even starts. There could be a few released veterans, but that is usually limited at best. That might put the burden on the NFL Draft 2019 where LT Jonah Williams, Greg Little and Andre Dillard are expected to be off the board probably by middle of first round. Quality offensive linemen get gobbled up quickly with 6 prospects in each of the first two rounds last April, including 10 of the first 39 selections. In the top 100 selections in the NFL Draft 2018, twenty draft choices were used on offensive linemen.

Jet corners Morris Claiborne (29) and Buster Skrine (30) are up as free agents. At $7 million for Claiborne and $6+ for Skrine, both would be costly to resign especially with veteran Tremaine Johnson (29) signed for a $12 million cap charge with an $8 million cash layout. Jets might want to resign one of the veterans with Skrine more versatile. Johnson signed a $72 million dollar contract thru 2023 with $34 million guaranteed. Veteran corners Jimmie Ward, Darqueze Dennard, Ronald Darby and Bradley Roby are second contract defenders will NFL starting skills to couple with Johnson and form a top tandem. Ward is a high-quality starter and though an expensive fit, capable of being a key missing piece almost immediately. Jets might also look to couple their starters with a developed rookie addition with starting talent.

#2 The talk here in NY is that the Jets may pursue Le’Veon Bell in free agency. Is this a good move?

Bell would be a good addition but only on certain terms and conditions. Does he sign for anything near his $14 million former contract that he refused to sign through the fall of 2018. The Steelers will not tag him with Franchise or Transitional labels. He is a complete back who is only 27 years old and coming off sitting out the entire 2018 season. He should be primed for a big 2019 performance and an excellent compliment to young Sam Darnold. His presence takes pressure off Darnold and could convert the Green offense a 60-40 run to pass. Bell makes Darnold and the Jets defense 20% better just by his annual average production. I think he probably costs at least a 3 year deal for in the $50 million area.

#3 Is this year a strong NFL Draft?

This NFL Draft class is very strong on defense especially the line and top edge defenders. GM Maccagnan faces a key question at the 3rd overall pick. Select premier defenders, LB Josh Allen, DL Quinnen Williams or Rashan Gary or corner Greedy Williams. Moving back in the first round may allow them to address two positions with the addition of a #2 draft choice. Maccagnan wisely retained the #1 pick this year by refusing to part with it in the move up last April in the first round. Jets moved from the 6th overall pick to the 3rd overall selection for three #2 selections, a month before the NFL Draft 2018. The trade closed the Bills, Dolphins and Cardinals out of the top three selections. Maccagnan put them in position for the 2nd QB and they were pleasantly surprised to land Sam Darnold with the selection. Darnold can be the franchise QB missing for the Green for decades.

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#4 The Jets have tons of holes to fill especially at: offensive line, edge pass rusher, wide receiver and cornerback. How do these positions rank as far as strength in this year’s draft?

There is high quality and depth along defensive line while cornerback and offensive tackles will be positions where top talent will fall quickly. OT begins to slide after the top 4-5 prospects especially on the leftside. FA is also weak at LT. Edge rushers is always a critical but dicey position and a top priority for the Jets. The top edge rushers may be tagged in FA. Prospects, Josh Allen, Montez Sweat, Jachai Polite and Brian Burns will probably fall in that order after Nick Bosa goes before the Jets 1st round selection. I love both Allen and Sweat and think they are great fits for the Jets and rookie starters.

Wide receiver is a deep group with a few top prospects considered true #1 receivers. I like N’Keal Harry best with AJ Brown and DK Metcalf next, though none belong before the mid first round or later. Cornerback is a quality group with Greedy Williams and Deandre Baker the top two prospects who are expected to come off the board in the top selections. Corner will be a high priority for Jets especially if two FAs leave in the offseason. Greedy Williams would be an excellent fit and probably comes off the board in the top 5 picks. The corner class is deep and should see many future starters come from the middle round.

#5 Things may change but right now, give Jets fans 3 players in each round that the Jets should consider knowing where they pick?

1st round (#3 overall) – LB Josh Allen, DT Quinnen Williams, DL Rashan Gary, CB Greedy Williams

2nd round (no pick)

3rd round (two picks, own & New Orleans)
OLB DeAndre Walker, CB Rock Ya-Sin, WR Riley Ridley, LB Germaine Pratt, CB Kendall Sheffield, RT Kaleb McGary,  OL Elgton Jenkins and RB Benny Snell.

4th round
LB Ben Banogu, OT Max Scharping, WR Emanuel Hall or DT Dontavius Russell,

5th round
DT Daylon Mack, CB Alijah Holder, DE Jonathan Ledbetter or CB David Long

6th round (no pick)

7th round
CB Sean Bunting, WR Preston Williams, OT Derwin Gray or RB Wes Hills

#6 Everyone is looking for the next Brady situation getting a steal in the late rounds. What players are teams overlooking who are slated as late round picks or un-drafted free agents?

RB Rodney Anderson of Oklahoma and OLB Porter Gustin of Southern California were rated higher but have fallen off injury concerns. If they check out medically, late steals with definite upside potential. Linemen, OT Derwin Gray of Maryland and OG Lanard Bonner of Arkansas St are falling through the cracks and both carry starting NFL grades in time. Gray is very intriguing for the outside. Wideouts DaMarkus Lodge of Mississippi and Emmanuel Butler of Northern Arizona have talent to compete for the possession receiver role. Both have size and starting talent, though need to settle into a system. Definite late steals with real upside.

#7 I am hoping that the Jets trade back with one of the teams looking for a quarterback. What do you see the chances of that happening and how do you rate this year’s QB class?

Trading back in top half of first round keeps Jets in range of top defensive players and probably earns a #2 pick. It would be a wise move. This years’ QB class is not equal to last year. Two high prospects Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray are only one year starters. Teams like the Jaguars, Bengals, Giants, Redskins and Dolphins are interested in moving up. Broncos appear out after the trade for Joe Flacco. Redskins hold the 15th overall pick in first round and want to land a top QB. Jets would certainly have to get a #2 pick plus future high picks to move to middle of the round.

Raiders could be a Wild card here with three #1 picks including #4 overall plus two late #1 picks. Moving back to the Jaguars would be ironic moving from the 3rd overall to the 6th overall choice after doing the opposite last year to move up with the Colts to land Darnold. Maybe Jaguars Tom Coughlin is willing to part with three #2 picks like the Jets did last year. Great dream for Jet fans.

#8 Are there any division 2 or 3 players the Jets should look at?

CB Corey Ballantine of Washburn (Ks) and RB Wes Hills of Slippery Rock (Pa) are two D2 prospects I like. Both showed well at the All-star weeks and helped their cause. They both need to follow up with strong NFL Combine workouts.

#9 Do you see any players especially QBs that might have a chance at another position in the NFL?

Murray is definite wild card – QB, running back and wideout like Tyreek Hill. Limited other QBs, but maybe Eric Dungey of Syracuse could apply his athleticism to a deluxe role weapon.

#10 When do you think Kyler Murray will be picked? Round and what # pick?

Murray is a wild card. The game has changed and several teams will value him high, probable top ten pick. His size leaves a lot of questions for taking 60+ snaps a game at QB. I would have real difficulty taking him in the first round without a super plan in an offense. He came in today at over 5’10” and 207 lbs. Game is changing and he probably goes early like top 10 selections maybe higher.

Optional:Add any thoughts on the NY Jet situation and how they should proceed?

With the 3rd overall pick, a few hot prospects will emerge and give the Jets a few options moving back in the first round. Jacksonville with 6th overall pick is a natural landing spot, just a question of the price Maccagnan can extract from the Jaguars. That would be the best situation for Jets. At 6th pick, they still get a blue-chip defender and probably their pick of any offensive linemen or skilled position players. Teams build on top 100 draft choices and adding a few this year could be vital to any turnaround, especially if their FA strategy lands 3 to 4 prime additions.

#11 Additional for you Frank:
What are your thoughts on the coaches that Adam Gase hired?

I really like the signing of HC Adam Gase. It wouldn’t be the first coach who failed in his first assignment. He is an excellent fit for young QB Sam Darnold and I would expect his career to take off with strong coaching from Gase. New offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains reunites with Gase after time in both Chicago and Miami. Loggains is a fine addition to staff. It is important in a few key areas, experience together and success in many respects. It’s important also that Gase does not have to coach the coaches on offense. That helps Darnold immensely.
New defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will bring his aggressive approach to the game and will give this unit a definite boost. He has made impact at several stops and can give the Jets defense new life. He does need some edge rushers and good cover man to implement his system.  He brings a tough mentality that was slipping recently despite some highly regarded prospects.

Frank Coyle is a long-time scout with nationwide ties with NFL and college coaches, scouts and player agents. He has published for 28 years including a 250-page NFL Draft Yearbook with over 250 in-depth scouting reports. Long-time scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s premier postseason All-star game and member of the FWAA and voter in College player awards – Heisman, Outland, Nagurski, Lombardi, Thorpe, Biletnikoff etc for the past 25+ years. 


QB Kyler Murray Faces Important NFL Combine 2019 Decision

NFL Combine 2019 Announces Invitation List

QB Kyler Murray Faces Important NFL Combine Decision

   Frank Coyle – Head Scout

Former Oklahoma QB Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray was included on the official list of invitees for the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine. Murray has already declared for the NFL Draft 2019 and he will most likely have to pick between the NFL and MLB where he was first-round pick of the Oakland Athletics. Murray wants to become a first-round pick in this year’s NFL draft, but needs to accept the invitation and attend the combine. The A’s have already made a big push to convince Murray to pick baseball over football and they still expect him to attend spring training. The reporting date for spring training actually begins before the NFL Combine on Feb. 15. Murray is at the crossroads and will either miss critical time in spring training for the A’s or bypass the NFL Combine workout in early March which would create a major conflict of dates for any two sport participation. He is expected to announce a decision related to the NFL Combine soon, though he still insists he wants to play both sports. That has never proven successful for any prospect especially with QB ambitions and his delay beyond this winter could actually hurt his career potential in either sport.

The NFL released a list of 338 players who will attend the NFL Scouting Combine which gets underway in Indianapolis on February 26th. The list includes extensive players from the Power Five Conferences with 261 of the 338 invitations going to prospects from those schools.  

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 Mississippi State DT Jeffrey Simmons and Colorado State wide receiver Preston Williams were not invited to the event after personal conduct rules infractions. Simmons is considered an early first round prospect while Williams is graded as solid early middle round player.

 2019 NFL Scouting Combine On-Field Workout Schedule – March 1st – March 4th

   Friday, March 1 – Running Backs, Offensive Linemen, Placekicker and Special Teamers
   Saturday, March 2 – Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends
   Sunday, March 3 – Defensive Linemen, Linebackers
   Monday, March 4 – Defensive Backs
NFL Combine 2019 Invitations from Power Five Conferences
 SEC – 90
 Big Ten – 53
 ACC – 46
 Pac 12 – 39
 Big 12 – 33
NFL Combine 2019 Invitations by School
11 – Alabama
11 – Clemson
10 – Ohio State
 9 – Georgia
 9 – Mississippi
 9 – Washington
 8 – Notre Dame
 8 – Florida
 8 – Kentucky
 8 – Mississippi State
 8 – Oklahoma
 8 – Texas A&M
 8 – Wisconsin
 7 – Boston College
 7 – Penn State
 7 – Stanford
 6 – Auburn
 6 – LSU
 6 – Miami
 6 – Michigan
 6 – Missouri
 6 – North Carolina State
 6 – Utah
 6 – West Virginia 
2019 NFL Combine Invitations – Leading Schools
Alabama (11)
DL Isaiah Buggs
RB Damien Harris
RB Josh Jacobs
LB Christian Miller
OL Ross Pierschbacher
TE Irv Smith
CB Saivion Smith
S Deionte Thompson
OT Jonah Williams
DT Quinnen Williams
LB Mack Wilson
Clemson (11)
DE Austin Bryant
DE Clelin Ferrell
CB Mark Fields
DT Albert Huggins
OT Mitch Hyatt
LB Kendall Joseph
LB Tre Lamar
DT Dexter Lawrence
CB Trayvon Mullen
WR Hunter Renfrow
DT Christian Wilkins
Ohio State (10)
DE Nick Bosa
WR Parris Campbell
WR Johnnie Dixon
QB Dwayne Haskins
DT Dre’mont Jones
OL Michael Jordan
WR Terry McLaurin
OT Isaiah Prince
CB Kendall Sheffield
RB Mike Weber

Patriots Win 6th Super Bowl in Defensive Battle

Patriots Win 6th Super Bowl in Defensive Battle

New England Defeats Rams in 13-3 Title Game

Frank Coyle – Head Scout

The NE Patriots beat the LA Rams in the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history to win their 6th Super Bowl title. The Patriots win matched the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most SB victories in history. It was the 6th SB win for the 41 year old QB Tom Brady who passed former LB Charles Haley who had 5 Super Bowl rings. In an era of explosive offenses, the title game became a defensive battle where HC Bill Belichick designed a brilliant game plan to smother the Rams’ young QB Jared Goff. The Patriots coach never allowed Goff to settle into the pocket and presented a diverse blitz package that forced the third year pro Goff to constantly move in the pocket. Goff completed only 19 of 38 passes for 229 yards and 1 critical 4th quarter interception that virtually sealed the game for the Pats.

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Patriots QB Tom Brady had a decent performance as a game manager, though he failed to put up big numbers. He went 21 for 35 passing for 253 yards passing, no TDs and 1 early interception. He looked to wideout Julian Edelman and TE Rob Gronkowski in key situations. Edelman caught 10 passes for 141 yards, most in key situations that moved the chains. That performance earned Edelman his first Super Bowl MVP award. Gronk made the game clincher with a late reception to the Rams 1 yard line before rookie back Sony Michel into the endzone for the game’s sole TD. Michel rushed for 94 yards on 18 carries and 1 TD in another huge postseason performance that balanced the offense.

The real star of the victory was the Patriots defense which totaled 4 sacks, multiple pressures and 1 interception while limiting the Rams string ground game to just 62 yards. That pressure forced the young Goff to constantly face 2nd and 3rd and long situations which played into the Pats’ multiple blitz schemes that never allowed him to settle into a pocket rhyme. That reflected in Goff’s weak 3 for 13 third down efficiency.

The lowest scoring game in SB history will be viewed as another ring in the Patriots long legacy of NFL dominance in an era of Free Agency and salary cap limitations. No other NFL team has come even close to this type of success especially during the past twenty five years with only the Broncos winning back to back SB titles during this period. The Pats look to repeat next year and defend their title in hopes of becoming the only team to win back to back SB championships twice.

Frank Coyle – Publisher / Head Scout

Senior Bowl 2019 Game Day – Players to Watch

Senior Bowl 2019 Game Day

Frank Coyle – Head scout Draft Insiders’

  The 2019 Senior Bowl game is here with an interesting roster of pro prospects who completed the week of practices, physicals and interviews.

 QB Will Grier of West Virginia is primed for a big game after a strong week of practices. He gets the advantage of working with his two top receivers, David Sills and Greg Jennings in this game. This trio put up incredible numbers over their careers in the pass happy Big 12 Conference. Grier is prepared for this game and has the makings of an MVP candidate. QB Trace McSorley also came ready to play and is focused on this game to prove he belongs with the top prospects. He is a smart savvy leader who can be a difference maker in this All-star event.

Look for wideouts Deebo Samuel, Travis Fulgham and David Sills along with runners Dexter Williams and Wes Hills to be featured in their offenses with chances to be impact playmakers Saturday.

The NFL Draft 2019 is a class dominated by defensive front seven prospects and this game features several impact pass rushers. Look for edge rushers Montez Sweat, Oshane Ximines, L.J Collier and Ben Banogu to provide impact as outside rushers to be difference makers in this game. Linebackers, Hanks, Pratt and Coney showed speed, instincts and playmaking ability this week after fine careers. Look to them to be in the action throughout the contest to be the stars on their units. This will be the final real football action in these prospects for the year with the offseason workout portion of the NFL Draft process hitting full stride next week.

Senior Bowl Players to Watch

Offensive Players
Will     Grier               QB      West Virginia           6024   218
Daniel Jones             QB      Duke  6052   220
Trace McSorley        QB      Penn St.        6002   200
Ryan  Finley             QB      North Carolina St.  6040   208
Drew  Lock               QB      Missouri        6036   223
Tyree Jackson         QB      Buffalo          6070   249
Dexter Williams      RB      Notre Dame  5112   215
Wes    Hills               RB      Slippery Rock         6005   209
Karan Higdon          RB      Michigan       5090   203
Tony  Pollard           RB      Memphis       5115   200
Deebo Samuel         WR     South Carolina        5114   216
David Sills V            WR     West Virginia           6030   210
Jaylen Smith            WR     Louisville      6020   221
Travis Fulgham       WR     Old Dominion          6023   210
Terry  McLaurin      WR     Ohio St.         6000   205
Penny Hart               WR     Georgia St.   5080   180
Gary   Jennings       WR     West Virginia           6010   213
Anthony Johnson   WR     Buffalo          6021   211
Andy  Isabella          WR     Massachusetts       5087   186
Andre Dillard            OT      Washington St.       6047   310
Kaleb McGary           OT      Washington 6067   321
Max    Scharping      OT      Northern Illinois      6057   320
Chuma Edoga           OT      USC   6036   303
Tytus Howard          OT      Alabama St. 6050   322
Elgton Jenkins         C         Mississippi St.        6043   314
Chris  Lindstrom      OG      Boston College       6036   303
Beau  Benzschawel  OG      Wisconsin    6062   307
Ben    Powers            OG      Oklahoma     6037   310
Defensive Players

Montez Sweat          DE      Mississippi St.        6060   252
Oshane Ximines      DE      Old Dominion          6034   241
L.J. Collier                DE      TCU   6022   280
Byron Cowart          DE      Maryland       6033   297
Ben Banogu             DE      TCU   6034   247
Carl Granderson     DE      Wyoming      6046   246
Jalen  Jelks              DE      Oregon          6054   250
Khalen Saunders    DT      Western Illinois       6005   320
Daylon Mack           DT      Texas A&M   6010   327
Sutton Smith           OLB    Northern Illinois      6003   234
Terrill Hanks           OLB    New Mexico St.       6020   234
Germaine Pratt       ILB      North Carolina St.  6025   240
Te’Von Coney          ILB      Notre Dame  6007   244
Rock  Ya-Sin                CB      Temple          5116   189
Isaiah Johnson            CB      Houston        6022   207
Lonnie Johnson, Jr.   CB  Kentucky      6022   210
Nasir  Adderley          S         Delaware      5117   195
Jaquan Johnson        S         Miami (FL)    5103   186
Darnell Savage           S         Maryland       5110   199

 Frank Coyle is a longtime member of the FWAA and a voter for the Heisman Trophy, Outland Trophy, Bronko Nagurski, Jim Thorpe, Fred Biletnikoff and Eddie Robinson awards annually for 25 years. He was a 20 year Scouting consultant for the Senior Bowl.

Senior Bowl Report – Wednesday Practices Move Inside Due to Weather

Senior Bowl 2019

Wednesday’s practices moving to South Alabama University
Statement from Reese’s Senior Bowl Executive Director Jim Nagy:

“Because of potential bad weather on Wednesday, we have decided to move practices to South Alabama’s new indoor facility. Our number one priority is always player safety. Rather than risk injury to a player on a slick field or expose them to potential severe weather, we have opted to go indoors. Unfortunately, because of severe space limitations, that means our credentialed media will not be able to attend the practice. We are sorry for this inconvenience.”

Practice times will remain as scheduled:

North 12:30 pm-2:30 pm
South 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

They are closed to media and the public on Wednesday.

Thursday Practices return to Ladd-Peebles Stadium
12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (North)
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (South)

* Practices Open To Public Thursday at Ladd-Peebles Stadium

*** Senior Bowl 2019 Game – Jan 26, 2019 Mobile, Alabama – 1:30 pm CT- NFL Network ***
Weigh-in/Practices – Monday Jan 21st thru Thursday Jan 24th

For Complete Senior Bowl info including Roster acceptances
Go to

Senior Bowl 2019 Week – Practice Schedule

Draft Insiders’ All-Star Games
Frank Coyle/ Publisher – Head Scout

Senior Bowl Week

             The premier All-star event of the offseason has begun with the Senior Bowl weigh-in Monday and afternoon practices. Director Jim Nagy has assembled All-star rosters that promise to have the usual impact on the NFL Draft 2019. Draft Insiders’ will have extensive scouting reports in the upcoming Newsletter along with Web site reports and Tweets

Senior Bowl Practice Schedule

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (SOUTH)
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm (NORTH)

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (NORTH)
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (SOUTH)

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (NORTH)
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (SOUTH)


*** Senior Bowl Game – Jan 26, 2019 Mobile, Alabama – 1:30 pm CT- NFL Network ***

Weigh-in/Practices – Monday Jan 21st thru Thursday Jan 24th

For Complete Senior Bowl info including Roster acceptances
Go to

It’s the Rams vs Patriots in Super Bowl LIII

It’s the Rams vs Patriots in Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII
When: Sunday, Feb. 3 at 6:30 p.m. et on CBS
Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Frank Coyle – head scout

In probably the most exciting day in NFL history, the Rams and Patriots won their NFC and AFC championship games with dramatic overtime victories. The Rams/Patriot game will be a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI.

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The Rams return to the Super Bowl in only HC Sean McVay’s second season after 12 consecutive non-playoff appearances. It is the Rams’ fourth appearance in the SB. On Sunday, they fought back twice to tie the Saints and won in overtime on a 57 yard game winning FG by Greg Zuerlein. It was the longest FG in NFL Postseason history.

The Patriots go to their third consecutive Super Bowl and 11th overall in history and the 9th between HC Bill Belichick and Pro Bowl QB Tom Brady tenure. They won this time on one their patented long drives including the game winning drive in overtime after winning the coin toss. Brady outbattled young Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes in a postseason classic with the Patriots prevailing in the end.

We will have our Super Bowl LIII matchup story prior to the event.